Lighting Worktops 

Corian® solid surface gives you the versatility to create breath-taking lighting designs. When exposed to light, our colour options reveal the full radiance and depth of Corian®.


Unlimited Lighting Design Possibilities

With Corian® colours and styles complementing your lighting options, there’s no limit to what you can design. We offer options for your every lighting design need, starting with our Illumination Series. It takes on an almost ethereal quality of luminosity when lit, and is available in various thicknesses to give you added scope for design experimentation.

Whatever you envision in your lighting design, Corian® solid surface can help bring it to life. Experiment with the interplay of light with Corian®, and delve into endless possibilities.

Recommended colours for lighting: Artic Ice, Glacier Ice, Mint Ice, Grey Onyx, and White Onyx

Examples of Worktops and splashbacks being illuminated are coming soon to our showroom. Call ahead for a lighting consultation


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