Edging Services

To complement your solid surface, laminate worktops, or perspex sheeting we can produce an array of different and bespoke edgings.


Swept End A - This is a Curved breakfast bar showing a 665mm and 900mm wide worktop. This radius has been used by WT Laminates for years. You generally sweep  the seating area with 300mm overhang.


Swept end B and C are two examples of different styles we can achieve with a post formed top. 

Surface edging services


D - we have a 45 degree angle joining onto a straight which can be changed  to suit any angle.

Surface Edging

E - is a 300mm carcass round (follows most kitchen suppliers curved units, B & Q, Wickes, Howdens, IKEA, Wren's). 


F - Very similar to our sweep D although this has a curved corner where the angle meets the straight to soften the corner.

G - what we call our 'standard swept end' a subtle sweep used frequently by WT Laminates.

Edging kitchens

H - This is your 'straight edge' and is the most commonly used edge on worktops, used by open ends, larder/tall units and range cooker sides.

Kitchen sweeping edging for bars

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