Solid Wood Worktops Worksurfaces from WT Laminates

Solid Wood Worktops are stunning to look at. However they are not an easy option! If you’re the person who just likes to use your worksurface and not carry out any maintenance then stop here and look at Laminate or Solid surface worktops.

Solid wooden worktops are a living breathing natural material and like granite they are porous and will stain and absorb bacteria. 

Wooden Worktops - Standard  Finishes/Colours

Oak • Prime Oak • Walnut • Iroko • Beech • Prime Beech • Black American Walnut • Ash • Wenge • Caramel Bamboo • Bamboo • Black Oak • Zebrano • Cherry • Maple • Sapele • Rubberwood

Wooden Worktops - Deluxe

Deluxe Oak • Deluxe Prime Oak • Deluxe Walnut • Deluxe Iroko • Deluxe Black Walnut • Deluxe Ash • Deluxe Wenge • Deluxe Zebrano • Deluxe Sapele

Wooden Worktops - Full Stave

Full Stave Oak • Full Stave Prime Oak • Full Stave Iroko • Full Stave Black Walnut • Full Stave Ash • Full Stave Wenge • Full Stave Zebrano • Full Stave Maple • Full Stave Sapele

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