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Spectra Curved-Edge Worktops

Be it the kitchen or a utility room, your worktop needs to be hard-wearing while looking the part. They have to be able to accomodate sinks with drainers and hobs, while simultanenously allowing appliances like ovens or dishwashers to function uninterrupted below. In these situations, Spectra's curved edged range is a versatile option you can count on.

Spectra Curved Edge worksurfaces are available in 40 diverse and beautiful hygienic easy to clean décors with 6 differing textures seen throughout, ranging from granites, marbles and stones to woodgrains and other abstract patterns. Each surface has one long postformed edge that is curved to give seamless protection from everything the kitchen can throw at it (including the sink!). A waterproof foil is bonded to the underside of each worksurface with a polyurethane seal, meaning the edges on the front and back ends are protected from stray water.

Available dimensions start at 1800x600x40mm or 3600x600x40mm, with a 900mm width alternative for both lengths if you have a breakfast bar in mind. We can cut them to any size inbetween that you require, making Spectra Curved Edge an effective choice for any kitchen size. Matching upstands with a curved top edge (3600x100x18mm) and square edge cut splashbacks (3000x1210x8mm) are also available, for that extra decoration and protection against the wall that looks as fantastic as the tops.

Interested to see the décors? We recommend you visit us at our showroom to see the samples in person and take some home for yourself, but in the meantime an online viewing is available on Spectra's own website at the link below:

Click here to view the Spectra Curved-Edge Collection.

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Spectra Square-Edge Worktops

For a decidedly more modern approach to the kitchen, the Spectra Square-Edge collection exists to fill in where Curved-Edge cannot. With the kitchen over time being considered the heart of the home, it’s hardly surprising as much thought is now given to appearance as well as functionality. While the colour, finish and texture all play an integral role, it’s important not to overlook the style of edging you choose for your worksurfaces, breakfast bars or islands.

Spectra Square-Edge delivers crisp, clean-cut lines at edge thicknesses available in both 22mm and 40mm that contrasts beautifully with other surfaces, creating a sense of structured order in a room. While the original dimensions start a bit bigger than the Curved-Edge range (ranging from 2020x650mm to 4050x650mm lengths), the same high-end natural designs prominent in other Spectra ranges are there, with 24 total décors available. Each worksurface has the top, underside, and all edges bonded with a matching surface for a near-seamless effect. Once more, splashbacks (3000x1210x8mm) and upstands (4050x360x22mm) are available to match.

If interested in the décors, we once more recommend you visit us at our showroom where we can provide the most realistic idea of the product, but an online viewing is once again available at the link below:

Click here to view the Spectra Square-Edge Collection.

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Spectra Slim-Edge Worktops

The newest range from Spectra, Slim-Edge is the perfect option for contemporary kitchens and areas where utility is key - a worktop designed to be used in its utmost; no kitchen too hot, no bathroom too wet, as Spectra Slim-Edge is a compact laminate surface that is completely waterproof and highly durable. And because there's no surface absorption, a simple wipe clean makes hygiene a breeze.

Compact laminates are a cost-effective alternative to real stone, marble and quartz surfaces, made to imitate every aspect of their hardwearing appearance while eliminating all the downsides. No special tools required making it easier to install, with an easier installation allowing you to go back to using your kitchen with no disturbance quicker - all while being non-porous. An overall result of a lower maintenance product that's still more affordable is what keeps Spectra Slim-Edge on top, and that's before mentioning it can be customised similarly to solid surfaces. Integrated drainer grooves in the top itself leading directly to a sleek undermounted sink, Spectra Slim-Edge can be cut in such a way that any appliance may be fitted, and corners can be curved with the solid core remaining undisturbed throughout. There's nothing stopping you from turning any offcuts into shelving or windowsills.

With 18 designs ranging from natural stones, marbles, slates and concretes, there are 3 textures between them that give the décors a highly natural feel. Dimensions of each are easy to work with, worktops AND splashbacks coming in sheets of 3050x650x12mm with a 3050x950x12mm option for both, appropriate for breakfast bars and island units. Upstands differ, coming in 3050x95x12mm. Everything features the same décor on the surface and the underside.

For an online viewing, click the link to the list of décors below. Samples and a personal viewing are again recommended at our showroom.

Click here to view the Spectra Slim-Edge Collection.

Click here for further information on our edging options.

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