Stunning Acrylic Glass

Stunningly reflective and beautifully practical, Mazan Acrylic Glass provides an innovative splashback and cost-effective alternative to traditional glass and ceramic tiles with a wide range of solid and metallic colours. We're happy to be able to both cut and fit this product to your kitchen's specifications, all we ask is you bring some measurements to help out.

Equally at home in both domestic and commercial buildings, Mazan is quick to shape on-site, easy to install and effortless to maintain, while the bold colour options available ensure every kitchen, bathroom and interior space delivers a stand-out look. 


  • 22 vibrant colour options, if you have a certain colour in mind, they certainly have it. 
  • As mentioned previously, Mazan's properties make it a low maintenance product to not only work with, but to care for as well. Cleaning the surface is no simpler than warm soapy water, an all-purpose cleaner of your choice, and something to wipe it down. With a 100% waterproof and stain-resistant non-porous surface, Mazan is perfect for areas prone to splashing liquids and stains like behind the sink or areas areas of food preparation.
  • It's unsafe to use their acrylic options behind a gas hob fitting, Mazan however brilliantly offers a full range of traditional glass hob panels colour-matched to any colour in the Mazan range. These are provided in standard sizes and ready to install on arrival.


Benefits of Mazan vs Traditional Glass

What makes Mazan a great choice for your kitchen compared to traditional options like regular glass? To name a few reasons:

  • It's more cost-effective, not only for cut-outs but overall.
  • It can be installed much quicker.
  • It's 25x stronger than regular glass.
  • It can be machined on-site.
  • It's 100% waterproof and naturally hygienic.
  • It's scratch resistant and easy to repair.


We strongly recommend a visit to our showroom where we have many colours on display for you to look at in-person, among samples we can allow you to take home. Photos online will always appear different to the real finish, especially when it comes to the ways different colours can reflect in the light.


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