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We often have people come in and they ask us, "splashbacks and upstands, what's the difference and what do I need?" To the uninformed, it's a great question, as both do go against your wall from the worktop, though these are for different purposes that are important to learn. To avoid confusion, we'll begin with the upstand:


An upstand is a piece of material that is found on top of the rear of a worktop, normally between 50mm (approximately 2 inches) and 100mm (4 inches). Their purpose is to create a seal between the worktop and the wall it is against, and to make an overall neater finish against said wall for aesthetic purposes, but there could also be extension gaps where things could fall through that will be covered.

What the upstand is made of is up to you, be it wood, laminate, or solid surface. Whether the upstand is square or coved is also a decision, square upstands are a straight edge against the wall, while a coved upstand has a smoother appearance that curves from the worktop to the wall like a ramp. It is worth noting that coved upstands are exclusive to solid surface choices however.

Then what are splashbacks? 

Splashbacks instead go behind your worktops as a typically decorative material, and usually go up the wall until it stops like a panel. It is available in multiple finishes, materials and colours. But it's not just limited to design, as there is a practical use particularly in the kitchen of the splashback as it protects the walls behind the kitchen surfaces from things like steam and heat, making them great behind microwaves or worktop ovens. Be advised however, only glass may be used behind an installed hob.

Laminate Splashbacks - A great choice if you want to include some colour in your kitchen due to the almost infinite design opportunities a laminated surface provides, from textures of slate, granite, chalk boards, wood grain or brick, to plain colours and patterns both simple and intricate in design. They can even be customised with your own if you so wish, all we need is your specifications so don't be afraid to ask.

Glass Splashbacks - If you have a gas hob fitting, this is your only choice. The choice in colour is vastly more limited than with laminate or acrylic, but the function and form remains intact for the modern kitchen.

Acrylic Splashbacks - Plenty of colours are available for this choice, and polished edges give it a great clean appearance.


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