When it comes to high pressure laminate, look no further than Formica, the inventors of laminate since 1913. Originally designed for use in electrical applications, it has evolved over the years and has become an absolute staple in the manufacturing of hardwearing worktops, upstands and splashbacks resistant to all elements in the kitchen.

Formica offers an unmatched range of constantly on-trend décors between multiple ranges, be it natural materials, patterns, or solid colours, there's something in one of them. that might interest you. 

Formica surfaces are water resistant making them an easy to clean and hygienic choice, but should never be cleaned with abrasive chemicals, simply warm soapy water should be enough when maintaining the product. With a postformable sealed surface like Formica, all possibilities of bacteria should be erased with only the slightest effort on your part. Formica can withstand up to 275° degrees for very short periods of time, but as with any kitchen worksurface, they're not invincible, and you should always follow basic kitchen guidelines like placing hot pans onto some sort of heat protective padding, like a rubber-footed trivet. 

We offer all Formica products that are available in the UK and are proud to stock them to your specifications, including Axiom and Prima which we have on display at our showroom for you to personally see for yourself. We can even offer you samples to take home to get the best idea of how they will appear in your kitchen, as we all know a simple photo won't do.

In the meantime however, if you must view what Formica can offer online:

  • Examples of domestic products can be viewed here.
  • Examples of commercial laminates can be viewed here.


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