Worktop Cutting Services

We offer a huge range of bespoke worktop & panel cutting services for both trade partners and the public. Some of our services are listed below, with the fabrication and manufacturing of all being finished to the highest of standards we can. 


Butt & Scribe

This is used in almost every kitchen and you probably don't even know it. It's a combination of two cuts which join together by placing their ends together when finished. It requires no special shaping to do this, but some companies will still use metal jointing strips which are not only unhygienic but unsightly in the modern kitchen. Meanwhile, the butt and scribe leaves the join never invisible, but inconspicuous to a great degree.

Sink Cut Out

We can fabricate any size sink cut out to your requirements, no matter the worktop.

Hob Cut Out 

Likewise to the sink, we can fabricate any size hob cut out to your requirements as well.

Finished Edge  

This is how the edge of your worktops will finish, with a laminate edge on the exposed end.

Swept Edge

These are known as curves or radius ends which are fabricated to suit parts of a worktop like corner posts or corner units. 

Straight Butt Joint

Very similar to a traditional butt and scribe join, however, this is a more specific and completely straight cut that is used only on square edge worktops.

45 Degree Angle Joint

An alternative for the corner of a kitchen worktop to the butt and scribe join, it's up to your requirements.

Pillar Cut Out

Usually when having an extension in your home, there is often a "pillar" left from what used to be the dividing wall between the two rooms, and you bet we can cut around these too.

Boxing Cut Out

Boxing cut outs relate to pipe boxing found in the kitchen typically used to hide any copper piping for heating or plumbing, and we can also cut around these given the correct dimensions. 


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