Protective Perspex Screens - protect your customers and employees

Every business needs to protect their staff and customers from the Covid 19 virus. This creates massive challenges for all businesses and organisations. Technically people shouldn’t be within 2 metres of each other. Realistically, this has to happen for example for the following reasons:Example of protective perspex screen - covid protection, protecting your customers and staff from infection

  • To pay for a product
  • Look at a screen or paperwork,
  • Collect / pay for an item
  • or simply to hear a conversation.


However, a clear screen can solve these problems

Perspex or Acrylic type panels that are see through and hygienic are the best solutions when people have to get close to each other. 

Acrylic screens are also very easy to clean, they can be easily wiped down and sanitized , unlike the clear pull  blind type screens which are almost impossible to clean and even worse when the blinds are “pulled” they effectively propel liquid on them into the air.

Our pre-built Protective Screens can help you overcome lots of problems.  Click HERE to view prices and sizes.

We can supply cut to size acrylic panels that offer the protection you and your customers need. They are custom made to your requirements, unlike most other companies we can fit them in South East Wales and Bristol areas, very quickly. (Following social distancing rules).

We also have the skills and machinery to produce thermoformed corners meaning there are no gaps in your screen at the corners. Most screens you see in supermarkets and shops don’t protect in the corner or at the bottom. Ours do as we have curved the bottom so the fixings are behind the screen not underneath.

Our screens are made from PET G and Polycarbonate which means they are very hygienic and easy to clean.


Examples of screens

Screen pricing


Types of protective screens available

Freestanding Screen

Features include polished edges top and side, base includes slots cut out and feet.  This screen is simple to dismantle, move and reassemble.

Freestanding Acrylic Screens - protect from covid transmissions


The Straight Screen

This comes with a coved front underside edge, with prepared pre drilled holes (or 3M tape if you prefer?) and fixings. This also has polished edges. These tabs are the operational side and there are no fixings on the outside of the screen. They can also be fixed to a wall.

The straight screen example


The Premier Screen

This is a more stylish option. It comes with a coved front underside edge but also has a 200mm cured return to both the left and right, this gives added protection at the edges and allows for screens to be supplied with greater height options.  The curve style can be seen in the photo.  Also, again with polished edges as standard.

Premier Screen options



We understand the above three options may not work for you. We have already made Bespoke Protective Screens for the Military, Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors, Surgeries, Libraries, Leisure Centres, The Motor Trade and even Dog Groomers. Send us a picture and some sizes and we will call you back and come up with a solution. Email

Bespoke Protective Screens, Newport, Cardiff, Bristol

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