Durasein is a brilliant solid surface often used as a value alternative to better known brands such as Corian and LG Himax. Despite this, it's no lesser of a product, sharing many of the same qualities.

Durasein's pure acrylic solid surface is comprised of approx. two-thirds aluminium trihydrate and a third acrylic resin with natural pigmenting. This is what provides the material with not only a recognizable strength, but a hygienic and water-resistant surface suitable for contact with food that's easy to maintain with a few wipes and your cleaning agent of choice.

Despite its solid consistency, it's easy to repair and is fabricated with standard woodworking equipment. It can be joined inconspicuously, and due to its thermoformable nature, it can be manufactured in more than one format, be it straight edged or curved. Thicknesses range from 3mm to 25mm, widths up to 1520mm and lengths up top 3660mm. Using larger sheets where possible also helps to reuce the number of joints required, resulting in less adhesive, fabrication, cost and waste. Overall, an effective process for the customer and the environment.

Below are a few bespoke examples of Durasein in the kitchen, featuring a drop down waterfall edged island in designer white.

durasein full drop down edge durasein designer white drop down edge seamless coved splashback durasein bespoke full drop down edges waterfall edges island designer white


The range of colours can be viewed here and you can order samples as well, however, we recommend you arrange a more personal viewing of some samples in person at our showroom first to truly get an idea of how the product will look. You wouldn't want to regret such a stand-out purchase for your kitchen.

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