Staron Solid Surface Kitchen Worktops

Staron is a sophisticated blend of natural minerals and thermosetting acrylic polymers which has been safely developed for use in the home.

Staron is a solid surface. This means that the surface colour runs right the way through the thickness of the material, so that cut outs, drainer grooves and edge profiles can be formed seamlessly.

Staron Solid Surface worktops, Newport, Gwent

Separate sections of Staron can be brought together with inconspicuous joints you won't even notice, which also remain 100% waterproof. Perfect for laundry and bathrooms.

Staron has also won many awards for being an easily cleaned and hygienically safe surface on which to prepare food, this being due to its non-porous nature meaning bacteria, moulds and stains are unable to form on the surface. Perfect for the kitchen.

Other benefits of Staron as a solid surface include:

  • Heat Resistance - You can absolutely use it as a worktop or splashback around a cooker, and hot liquids like oil or fat can be wiped off too. Much like any kitchen worksurface however, never place a hot pan directly onto the Staron surface without some means of protective padding.
  • Durability - These worksurfaces can withstand plenty of knocks and bumps, but always treat them how you would other worksurfaces and use the right tools in the right circumstances (chopping boards for knives as an example, darker colours will show scratches easier).
  • Choice - Simply put, due to Staron being a solid surface, when it comes to colours or designs you can't run out of options, especially when you start to consider the shapeability of the material, no idea is too outlandish.


Staron At Home

If you would like a few previews of how Staron's products will look in your home, then below is a gallery featuring different examples of Staron jobs. However, we encourage you come in to our showroom as we have plenty of samples for you to look at in the flesh, we'll even let you take some home to help make your decision easier. As we all know, photos can only give so much of an idea of what to expect. If further examples are required until then however, links will be provided below.

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