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In 2007 we started installing Worktops. Today we have our two workshops one that is solely for the production of Solid Surfaces, the other for laminate worksurfaces.  At the moment we should be able to fit most solid worktops into your property within two weeks of placing an order. This time can vary though depending on our current workload

Stage 1 - Showroom Visit

If you can bring your measurements (They don’t have to be that accurate - Just enough to help us recommend the most suitable worktops for you. Our worktop choice is huge, a lot of our patterns are very similar but because they come in different sizes, if we have a rough idea of your kitchen size we can cut down on the waste. 

Stage 2 – Choosing the worktop and design

We encourage you to take samples home if you are unsure. Once you have made your choice we will then provide you with an estimate. We will then take a payment of 50% the remaining balance is paid on completion of the fitting.

Stage 3 Template

Once you have chosen your worktop colour we will arrange a template. This normally takes about 2 hours. We prefer to measure and template all solid worktops jobs before we fit them. There are two reasons for this one is if we get the measurements wrong it’s our fault not yours and two we can then prepare most of the worktops in our workshop before we install them. This means we spend less time in your property and therefore cause you less disruption.

We pride ourself on being able to do anything if it can be done so however original your ideas are just ask. It is important that somebody is there on the day who has an input into the worktop design. For example they can tell our templaters exactly what they require eg. Upstand height, exactly where the worktop is to finish.  The exact position of sinks and hobs etc. Don’t worry : The person who is doing the template will help you and advise you if needed.

We will also agree on how you want the worktops sealed eg. Silicone / Decorators caulk.


We will then take your templates back to our workshops and fabricate your worktops. This will vary in time, laminate worktops (unless we are fabricating custom made worktops) will always be quicker than solid surfaces like Corian.

worktop fabricating

Stage 4 Installation

We will return on date agreed by ourselves to install the worktops. Normally this is done in a day however larger jobs and jobs with splashbacks can take longer.


Frequently asked Questions Regarding fitting and worktop installations


Do you do free estimates?

Answer – Yes providing you have rough measurements We will try and give you an accurate price

Do you come and measure straight away?

Answer – No we prefer you to visit us first so you can see the choice of styles and colours we can provide. You will then be able to make the correct choice for your kitchen and also have an estimate of the price.

I am unable to visit your showroom wont you come out anyway?

Answer - We can arrange for larger samples to be sent you and in special circumstances we may come out and measure but we prefer not to.

What about the Plumbing for the sink and Gas or Elecrticity for the hobs?

Answer – This is not our area of expertise and is down to you. Although we can arrange for a Gas Safe Engineer , Plumber or Electrician to visit for you if you require their services.

How long does it take?

Answer – Allow approximately 2 hours for templating and a day for the fitting. If your kitchen is exceptionally large and you choose upstand this can mean a 2nd day fitting. Corian worktops take approximately 2 weeks from templating, Laminate worktops are approximately a week.

What are the guarantees?

All Laminate is guaranteed for 12 months (excluding normal wear and tear such as scratching) providing the worktops are looked after properly. Eg. Spillages of Water near joints are mopped up immediately. Items that may cause the joints to expand and contract are kettles, slow cookers.  It is important these items are not used on joints. 

You must not stand on worktops. One of the most common ways worktop joints are damaged is people stand on them to clean windows!

We can offer a 10 Year warranty on all Corian work.


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