Recessed Drainers

Recessed Drainers, also known as a sunken drainer, are where the whole of your worktop's drainer is milled out and slightly sunken down into the worktop itself, giving what can be described as an outline to it. This sunken drainer will stop excess water that has run from your sink and any wet dishes from spilling all over your main worktop surface, making cleaning up more contained and thus way easier. They can be used with or without drainer grooves.

They are definitely not an easy request to carry out, and most companies simply can’t and won't offer them as a result. But here at WT Laminates, we can, and they'll definitely offer the certain "WOW!" factor to your worktop that you might be looking for. Below is an example from our very own workshop of a Corian recessed drainer.


If you're interested, get in contact with our sales team and provide your specifications to us.

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