Corian or Granite? 

Which is the best product, Corian or Granite? Customers who visit our showroom at the Newport Business Centre regularly ask us this question, so we hope the table below is educational and helps quell any confusion, you'd be surprised how little some people looking for granite even understand the material.

  Marble/Granite Corian Winner

Easiest to clean?


Certain household cleaning products can damage granite.


Extremely easy to clean using soapy water.




Most hygienic?


Mould, mildew and germs can live on Granite. It is a porous material.


Mould, mildew and germs cannot live on Corian. It is a non-porous material.




Best joints?


Seams can be obvious on light granite. In addition, seams can become stained and dirty with time.


Smooth, seamless joins that eliminate dirt-trapping grout lines.




Most durable?


Weak spots may exist due to internal fissures, natural cracks and impurities. This can sometimes lead to cracking in granite worktops. Granite also has less impact resistance.


Extremely difficult to permanently damage. High impact resistance.




Most colours?


Mainly dark colours, no solids, and a limited selection of whites. Inconsistent texture that may not entirely match a sample.


Available in a broad range of colours and textures. All colours, patterns and tone are uniform.




Most heat resistant?


Can typically place hot pans straight onto the surface.


Recommended to use worktop protectors when putting hot pans onto the surface.


Granite / Marble


Easiest to repair?


Usually require the attention of a professional. In many cases, more serious damage requires replacement.


Ordinary abrasive cleansers, cleaning pads or fine sandpaper work. More serious damage can usually be repaired by a specialist.




Best sink options?


Can have undermounted sinks but matching sinks aren't available. The worktop typically overhangs the sink, creating a gap that can trap moisture and dirt.


Can be inserted or undermounted. With matching colours, these are seamless therefore simple to clean.





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