What is MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard)?

MFC stands for melamine faced chipboard and the vast majority of office furniture is manufactured with this material. There are a number of thicknesses used, but typically the industry standard is 18mm thick.

Essentially MFC is a print of a real wood grain or plain colour, which is repeatedly printed onto a Melamine film, and heat processed onto a sheet of chipboard. Most commercial/domestic grade furniture is made of a dense board as it stops flexing and bending.

The finished board is then cut to shape and size by wt laminates, edged with our edge banding machine to protect the edges. These panels can then be used to make furniture – and it’s used in desks, workstations, cupboards, wardrobes and pedestals

The colours vary from plain colours to wood grains. 


This DESKTOP, Unit and Drawer fronts are using MFC board to imitate a veneer or solid wood effect look. 

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